Thursday, September 4, 2008


So im in class.last day for the week thank GOD.
This weekend should be interesting. Hopefully one of my bro's will pull thru for me on the boo tip. They got they stains in and ben lil thundernose ass the only ones w/out babes.I need some fucking shoes.or an outfit to match with my coach shoes cuz ineed something to wear this weekend.i wish i didnt have to work.H&M is nice but its too fucking much. like maybe if i had a friend to talk to besides the ones that i've met there, it would be a little bit starting to think the summer is officially over.all there is is fucking rain.ugh and cold.i hate the makes me sleepy.i need to clean but im gonna be too tired to clean.this damn teacher just gave us like 39 packets...damn bitch calm yur watching meangirls on youtube.that movie is fucking hilarious. i miss my friends..they are fucking loco.i love homo.
lmao....but yeah im gonna bring this morning post to a comes oprah

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