Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So today is very.bleh.
i woke up tired of this shit.
i probably was tired because i fell asleep
at my desktop because my cable/interent kept
going in and out.ugh.and its cold and rainy.and i have
to go to school.and my english class really is lame.ugh.
no body.just stressful fish(ew) that likes me.ew.anywho.
i look really cute if that means anything.i hope ppl
dont think im muslim with this bowtie:/.hopefully when
i get home, i can get some me time. clean my filthy room.grRrrr.
and i need some effing now.and a lonely.
my birthday is next month and hopefully i wont be living in the 847 when
it comes. cuz i wanna party it up chi town style..not suburb style style.
so now im in english and she got us writin these lame ass narrative paragraphs.

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