Friday, December 19, 2008

brooklyn girl.

location:downstairs den
song playing:Brooklyn Girls(Charles Hamilton)

yo, whats hot um...ok so it's totally the saturday before christmas;) im mad geeked.i just got done getting faded with benjamino;ate some *bombb* ass pizza and came today.i woke up to like 2344 inches of snow(no im kidding only like 8) but still that's fucking terrible;anywho; i knew that the ohgee™ was gonna throww me a couple big faces to go shop with so i needed to be my happy ass went and shoveled tons of snow...came in got dressed went some flyy shit&nd came home to get dressed &nd iDidnt even go anywhere :/so then i linked up with ben and the rest is my photoshop *still* aint fckng workin.URGHRHHHGHGHGH.oh em gee.i need to do some shit on there..pfft.anywho. i got my haircut &nd eyebrows done since like `93.goodness.i look hella good;)but yea..i am getting worried about some personal things...nvmnd.but hey ttyl deuces.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

dont call it a comeback.

yo what's cracking kidds?
yes i have been gone for
some time.i promise imma be on
my shit this time
catch you's December 17,8 more
days until Christmas and im odee geeked.
this weekend is when i'll get most of my
shit though..ima prolly get the iphone or
the G1.and im mad i talk to someone
now.and my plans for ATL are goin pretty good.
i dont got too much to say for now but.i will
veryy soon;)