Friday, December 19, 2008

brooklyn girl.

location:downstairs den
song playing:Brooklyn Girls(Charles Hamilton)

yo, whats hot um...ok so it's totally the saturday before christmas;) im mad geeked.i just got done getting faded with benjamino;ate some *bombb* ass pizza and came today.i woke up to like 2344 inches of snow(no im kidding only like 8) but still that's fucking terrible;anywho; i knew that the ohgee™ was gonna throww me a couple big faces to go shop with so i needed to be my happy ass went and shoveled tons of snow...came in got dressed went some flyy shit&nd came home to get dressed &nd iDidnt even go anywhere :/so then i linked up with ben and the rest is my photoshop *still* aint fckng workin.URGHRHHHGHGHGH.oh em gee.i need to do some shit on there..pfft.anywho. i got my haircut &nd eyebrows done since like `93.goodness.i look hella good;)but yea..i am getting worried about some personal things...nvmnd.but hey ttyl deuces.

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