Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yooooooooooooooooo.whats hood??
Well I have FINALLY moved to ATL;)!!!
I'm cribbing alone and goin to the Art Institute of AtL.Its cool beanss*.I switched my major to graphic design.and am on my grind looking for work.It's hard.I need my niggas here but whatever.I think I can do it.I hope I can;) I haven't met any ppl here yet. I mean real like buddies.except today I met this nigga around my aprtmnt complex(smoke buddy) thats all.He's type is cool.besides my fuqkin saturday class.grRRr.Um.what else?my love life is in shambles.why cant i just get it right?well anywho this was just an update to let you guys in on my life for the moment.bbs.deuces

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Mister. LaBeach said...

Thats Whats Up...
ATL Does Indeed Go Hard...
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