Tuesday, September 16, 2008


omg.i have been seriously NEGLECTING my blogspot.
oh.kay..let see where i left off....ok got it..the 9th.ok.my bee.eph got
fired from his job.oops.and i chilled.then for the next two days i didnt go to school..and just chiiled
with my guys...friday was payday...HORRID check..it was enough to get my labret(geeked) and take care of priorities...went out that nite..shut
it the fuck down...woke up the next day..chilled.went to work then went to a hotel party that got turned out as soon as we arrived...i WAS able to get a new camera out of the deal...srry guys.caught ya slippin.ran outta gas.urgh.the bu is falling off:(.lounged the rest of the weekend.missed class on monday.went to class today and hung out with old buds...yea so..thats wat happened.yep

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