Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so i totally missed a day yesterday so i must
make it up.ummmyesterday.was fucking lame..but
i did have fun towards the night....first...i had to
fucking walk like 6 city blocks to class while it was
raining...ugh.class was kinda fun...but whatever.i came
home...then ate some oatmeal..yum.then went to make up with
ben cuz his fat ass had a tude..then i found out some interesting
information.made me think about how crazy and two faced ppl are..

ok so for today...its better(weather wise).got
dressed for school...had some good sleep on the
train....now in class.this crazy bitch.but yes
this weekend im getting my lip pierced...a labret.
i've been contemplating on doing it and lil wayne
got it so i gotta hurry and get it before it gets too
mainstream black:/.lmao.so ima(sniff)write something later.

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