Monday, July 27, 2009

Not everything is giggles &ndCupcakes!

Recently, I stumbled up on a label that I would rock ANYDAYY*
It's called "Johnny Cupcakes ™"! They got some ill shit. Kinda geared towards the sk8R kidds but;;if you have an imagination&&a type different kind of style you could mos def body nxggas in they shxt.Here are some photos of their merchandise;; along with links:)


Johnny Cupcakes ™
Shop Johnny Cupcakes ™

" So where can I cop this shxt from "? is what I'm sure most of you are asking.

C A L i.& B o s t o n//Hull MASS is where the stores are located.

But if you're globally challenged like myself(sniff)...then you can
ALWAYS order online!



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