Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Okay so here is the thing its the 21st and i needa go clean before i leave at like 5:15
and its 4 so lemme hurry.um...yesterday was my birtday and besides me gettin like high as the fucking moon it sucked.um it rained all day and shit.ugh.but i did finally catch the season finale of Making The Band 4. and lemme tell you...I AM DAMAGED!omg how the fuck could p diddy ugly ass break them up? THEY ARE BAD BOY.and thats bullshit.he's just mad cause Aubrey(my bitch)was not kissin his ass and let his ass know what time it was...which i commended her for because she was sooo rite.i was hella pissed man and then when they were playing damaged acapella(which im listening to rite now) i was tearing up.like it was so fucking sad.i supported these girls since they came out and for diddy to break that up is fuckin selfish and i will no longer support bad boy...fuck B5 and Janelle Monae...even though its not their faults.ugh im sooper upsest.long live DK

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